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CPI Charcoal Abstraction (2017)


Dimensions: A1

Materials: Cartridge paper, charcoal sticks

Shown at: LSAD, Limerick


After looking at the impact of gesture, I chose to reflect on my previous CPI drawings. They were incredibly rigorous, almost mantra like in their transcription of the consumer price index. Here I was allowing a more natural response to a sound piece made in relation to the numbers. First the numbers are converted into notes on a guitar. This song of numbers is played and recorder. The gestures are then recorded through a charcoal drawing. Each rising note in the ‘song’ is drawn upwards, a falling note going downwards and a note staying at the same tone is drawn perpendicular to the other lines. There is a more instinctual response to the sounds, allowing the numbers to become completely abstracted through a series of performative abstractions.

CPI Charcoal Abstraction (2017) Full View - Image taken by the artist

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