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Irish Sea Horoscopes (2022)

Dimensions: Stars 15 X 15cm X 5cm, projection 2.5m line

Materials: 3D printed ceramic stars, Consumer Price Index for Ireland and the UK 2016-2022

Shown at: Scene from Here, South Kiosk, London. 

Made of two 3D printed ceramic stars, separated by the ferry route between Liverpool and Dublin, the 'stars' each contain abstracted data-scapes with the cost of living (CPI) since the 2016 Brexit vote. A site of continuous exchange, this ferry route both connects and separates the UK and Ireland, economically, culturally and ecologically. Using the gap of this body of water as an object between these stars, they landmark their respective nationalities playfully, two ports in a wider geography, two points in international political conversations.

Detail of Irish Sea Horoscopes, a ceramic star hung of the wall..jpg

Irish Sea Horoscope, Close up install view of one ceramic, 3D printed star - Image taken by the artist


Irish Sea Horoscopes, 

Installation view in South Kiosk,

a white walled gallery

Image taken by the artist

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