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Letter Series: Access Install (2021)

Dimensions: 2.3 x 2.6 meters

Materials: White vinyl text.

Shown at: Shown in Job Centre, Deptford, London as part of Access

Last December I wrote my first letter to ‘Home’. A footnoted diary-like text posted from London to Dublin, entwining my research on localism as a political space for a different kind of environmentalism, with the sharp reality of living within the euro-pound exchange rate. Being a new ‘londoner’ meant remeasuring in inches and pence the odd relationship to nationalism I was encountering, my purse divided between the British queen and ambiguously European architecture. Landing in Ireland a few weeks later, I replied – revealing obvious inaccuracies in that first text, infusing my words with the salt of the Irish sea. The correspondence continued each time I crossed islands, an externalised monologue, falling between prose and academia, disappearing into internal jokes, lost loops of ideas, passed through Irish and British national post systems. The hidden space within an envelope and public domain of a stamp.

Full curatorial text available here.


Letter Series (2021) Install view  - Image taken by the Artist


Letter Series (2019- ongoing) Envelope view - Scan by the artist

Letter Series (2019- ongoing) Letter view - Scan by the artist

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