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Plane No.7

Plane No.7 (2019)

Dimensions: Dimensions variable (between 3m by 3 m to 5m by 5m depending on configuration)

Materials: Perspex

Shown at: Shown in the LSAD 2019 Graduate Exhibition, Limerick, 2019


We live inside our economies, which makes them invisible to us.


They are only viewable with statistical graphs. But we live in a multi-dimensional landscape and these flat graphs speak more loudly to economists and to global capitalism than to our everyday.


Plane No.7 motions to this gap, referencing Ireland as the seventh nation to join the EU. It uses rhizomatic thinking to reconfigure EU data about the Irish cost of living over the last 22 years resulting in a series of human sized flat-packed planes. It reimagines data about us as an object which requires no skill to put together. 

Plane No.7 (2019) Front view of whole structure - Image taken by the artist

Plane No.7
Plane No.7

Plane No.7 (2019) Detail side view - Image taken by the artist

Plane No.7 (2019) Full back side view - Image taken by the artist

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