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The diamond's less sexy sister

Duration: 5:34

Shown at: Ep.13; The diamond's less sexy sister, Future Artefacts FM, online (RTM). 

The diamond’s less sexy sister, somewhere between a radio essay and a voicenote, the 5 minute piece explores human relations to minerals, specifically with graphite. Combining scripted and organic conversation, prose and academic information, the audio slips in and out of speculation; is that a mineral speaking, or a person speaking about a mineral? A work-in-progress, made as part of their artist in residence program at TU Berlin, with the Science Gallery Network and fully funded by Fondation Didier et Martine Primat. The work was made from questioning the ways minerals could speak for themselves through technology, materiality and the act of holding hands.

The diamond's less sexy sister cover image

The diamond's less sexy sister, 

Future Artefacts FM Episode cover

Image courtesy of the artist

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