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72 building bodies (2020)

Dimensions: 2.2 x 0.8 meters

Materials: 3D ceramic print, iron oxide ceramic stains, MBD Climate Finance Commitments 2011-2018

Shown at: Shown in Goldsmiths MFA studios, 2020


The solution to climate breakdown has more and more frequently been suggested to be financial, costing nature, investing in renewables and the ever increasing extinction donation lists. Anne Pettifor puts it more simply- that we can afford to save the planet. Her proposal is the Green new Deal, a green ‘boom’,  the solution to transfer fossil fuel jobs to renewable electricity ones, all clothing be made by its wearer, all gardens become vegetable patches and our worlds become infinitely more local etc. While these are all strategies to slow down the destruction of ecological cycles, what she fails to address is the ways capitalistic consumption, and its colonial origins are the main culprits of the current climate crises in how they genericise nature through attributing universal values with money on a planetary scale. Presenting infographic data of the world’s multi-lateral banks’ green investments between 2011-2018, this datafied dynamic with nature breaks down and reimagines the landscape this relationship to nature might achieve. 72 blocks marking the scale of a human body.

This work has been shortlisted for the 2022 Gilchrist-Fisher Landscape award.

72 building bodies (2020) View of whole structure - Image taken by the artist


72 building bodies (2020) Detail view - Image taken by the artist

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