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Foundations (2020)

Dimensions: Stone 50cm X 50cm, tiles 10cm X 10cm each

Materials: Digitally carved sandstone block, fired ceramic tiles stained with natural oxides

Shown at: Shown in the European Investment Bank, Luxembourg as part of the Artist Development Program residency


Assembled with a collection of stained ceramic tiles, they visualise the projected cost of carbon up to 2050. Sitting within this stratified cost, is a stone block, digitally carved with the Multilateral Development Bank climate commitments in the last 10 years. Using data as a tool which carves shapes, such as the line formed by a statistical chart, these two graphics embody the landscape we are currently shaping through climate finance.

This work is a part of the EIB permanent collection.

Foundations (2020) Front view of whole structure - Image taken by David Laurent


Foundations (2020) Detail side view - Image taken by David Laurent

Foundations (2020) Full view - Image taken by David Laurent

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