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ERM Crises 1992 (2016)


Dimensions: Dimensions variable (between 2 to 3 cm in diameter)

Materials: Plaster

Shown at: Glass Vitrines, LSAD, Limerick


Prior to the Euro, the ECB proposed to link exchange rates between pre-existing EU currencies. This was called the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM). The mechanism proved unsuccesuful due to conflicting inflation rates in the EU and resulted in the expulsion of the British Pound following the ERM crises in 1992. Using information from this crises, I ordered a line of plaster cast coins, each collection of a country's coin reflected its weight within the ERM system. For example, the German Deutschmark held a 32% weight in this system, so there were 32 coins in the line. This acts as a precursor to the creation of the Euro, following the tradition of plaster casts within the design process of new currencies.

ERM Crises 1992 (2016) Detail View - Image taken by the artist

ERM Crises 1992 (2016) Exhibition View - Image taken by the artist

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