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Gross Domestic Product (2018)

Made in collaboration with Dermot O'Connor Jnr and Dylan James Connolly. 

Dimensions: 2.3 x 3.2 meters

Materials: Handmade paper, digital projection, audio

Shown at: The Church Gallery LSAD Limerick (2018), The Goat Kfest Killorglin (2018)

This work is a tribute to the immensity of economic data. The Irish GDP of the last 20 years acts to choreograph the sound and video elements. Following a 20 year timeline, each 'boom' signals a new year. The sound acts to signal significant moments within Irelands economic history, such as the rise and fall of the celtic tiger, shown by a low tiger growl and then a final roar. There are also moments of tension during Ireland's austerity following the bust in 2009-2011, which is symbolised by cellos, giving a dark depth to the sound. The images of the water follow the rise and fall in GDP with the rise and fall of tides, providing a general analogy to show the flow of money in and out of the country. Through the bench, each boom can be felt, following a new year in the 20 year timeline. The projected images of tides fall onto a large-scale sheet of paper made from the Financial Times.  

Comradeship (2018) Exhibition View - Image taken by the artist

Gross Domestic Product (2018) Exhibition View - Image taken by the artist

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