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Tricky Empathies, A few generations of imaginariesm (human) being green - work listed left to right (2021)

Dimensions: 10 X 10cm

Materials: 3D printed ceramic, with iron, chrome and cobalt oxide, C02 emissions in Ireland 1994-2018, construction emissions in Ireland 2009-2018, greenhouse emissions in Ireland 2001-2007

Shown at: Gilchrist Fisher Landscape Award Shortlist 

A mountain in your hand, decades in 10cm, a generation's peak reaching a pinky finger's tip, these miniatures construct landscapes from data sets. Reframing the larger data sets used in 'X' Mapping, these miniatures detailed gradients layer clay and oxide in a similar manner.


How might we understand our climate data if it could fit in our palms? Neatly packaged in an aesthetic landscape, is the information more legible to you here than on the ECB's website?


Miniatures, Install view for Gilchrist Fisher Award - Image taken by the artist


Miniatures, details of each object

Image taken by the artist

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