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Walkie Talkie to the Waves (Radio play) (2021)

Act One: The Irish Sea Committee (08:26)
Act Two: I used to be so much more than space (06:35)

Audio : Total 15:01


Dáil - Aaran Parry

Holyrood -Éilis O’ Sullivan

Stormont - Farida  Abdel Aziz

Senedd - Naomi Bowman

Westminster - Martin McEvoy

Irish Sea - Niamh Schmidtke

Pirate Representative - Niamh Schmidtke

Shown at: Goldsmiths MFA Degree Show


'I curl in the way an inviting finger might summon you –

I push away.

My translucency plays with the sky-

I carry the salt wind water-

I carry the tide.

I carry the people from one coast to another.


History has made me political – and politicians make me current –

Towards their respective representations.


I am the less Wild baby of my western sibling,

Neighbouring smaller/ great spaces – the tool for their gains

Unwillingly held, as a child’s five fingers grips a single adult one,

Their unknown strength, me stooped to one side.


Yet when I pull up, they dangle and cry.'


Walkie Talkie to the Waves (2021) Cover Image  - Image taken by the artist

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