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Drafting communication, drafting climate, drafting futures (2020)

Dimensions: Series of six (6) 30cm x 45.4cm prints

Materials: Framed digital prints of text.

Shown at: Shown in the European Investment Bank, Luxembourg as part of the Artist Development Program residency


2007 marked the birth of the green bond market, enabling a financial link between investors and environmental preservation. One half of the project expands the complexity of this relationship between financial institutions and natural resources in a series of six framed emails. Placed in an alternative present, Draftia, has applied for a loan to build a windfarm with the institution, the Green Department of Protections. Their fictional correspondence imagines possible conflicts, such as not being able to provide a map, and poetic similarities through the mutual support Draftia finds in the loan and the GDP team has in gaining an understanding of draftian culture. As these characters reply in different times and places, so too are the emails spread around both buildings, never read beside each other and always with a direction in between them.

This work is a part of the EIB permanent collection.


Drafting communication, drafting climate, drafting futures (2020) Install view  - Image taken by David Laurent

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